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"Born from the remnants of a crumbling post hardcore project, Cost of Attrition is a pop rock duo based out of the Indianapolis, Indiana area. From electronica and metal to pop and rock, years of dabbling in a wide variety of musical genres has given the band a singular sound. Employing catchy guitar and drum driven progressions along with powerful electronic and orchestral ballads, Cost of Attrition delivers an upbeat, larger than life sound. Having recently completed the writing, producing, and recording of their debut EP, “There You Go”, Cost of Attrition is ready to deliver its raw and edgy sound to the world."

Cost of Attrition is Wheeler Castaneda (vocals and production) and Joshua Grow (instrumentals, backing vocals, engineering, and production). Cost of Attrition has landed opening slots for awesome national acts such as Unwritten Law and The Spill Canvas and performed at hundreds of live events.

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News Feed

St Baldrick's Foundation event 02/18

2/14/2017 9:16:22 AM

Hello friends!

We are gearing up for our event at Radio Radio benefiting children's cancer research and St. Baldrick's Foundation! There will be 4 great bands, doors open at 7, and $50 - $100 raffle prizes throughout the evening! The best news of all... We just found out if you buy your tickets online today you get additional raffle tickets when you show up (everyone gets 1 already).

If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, go HERE to get them before they're sold out!

~ Cost of Attrition

Blog city USA!

12/21/2016 9:50:59 AM

Hey there friends!

Can't believe it's been 6 MONTHS since we did our first blog video! For old times sake, give it a watch again... c'mon, you know you want to! ;)

~ Cost of Attrition

Live on the air!

12/14/2016 6:22:01 PM

Hey there friends!

In case we hadn't mentioned it yet, we are working with an awesome group called Tinderbox to get our music sent out to the world! So as of a few days ago we received news that a couple hundred copies of our album were shipped off to radio and press outlets for rotation and review! How frickin' exciting is that?!

We are working on our tour schedule for the coming months and are more than ready to get out of the studio and onto the road! Hope to see you all in the coming months!

A picture provided by our oh so gracious affiliates. Sent right before everything was mailed out!

~ Cost of Attrition

Photoshoot 12-10-2016

12/10/2016 4:08:23 PM

Hello everyone!

We are back at it and hitting the studio... the photography studio! Excited to have some updated shots and new promo images! We will add a link to our Facebook post with the images. I know you're excited but patience is a virtue! :)

UPDATE: Images are posted below in a Facebook "iframe"... say it with me kids, "i frame". Enjoy!

~ Cost of Attrition

Website Launch

12/7/2016 7:22:02 AM

Hey everyone!

We are excited to say we finally launched our official COA website! I'm sure you were all wondering "when are these guys going to get their act together and put all their music, links, and contact info in one easy to access location", well my friends, that time is now!

Head on over to our mailing list sign up so you can keep up-to-date with all things COA and keep an eye out for more shows coming in 2017!

~ growjt